The Working Group on Harmonization of Standards and Regulatory Framework of Herbal Medicines organized by the WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific met in Seoul, Republic of Korea, from 27 to 30 November 2001. During the meeting of the Working Group, it was concluded that in order to ensure the uniformity of quality, safety and efficacy of the same herbal medicines in these and other Member States in the Region, there is a need for cooperation and harmonization of the standards and regulatory requirements. As a step forward harmonizing various regulatory issues on Herbal Medicines(FHH) of Working Group in Seoul,Korea. During the Working Group meeting in Seoul, Republic of Korea, the Preparatory Committee of FHH composed of representatives from China, Japan and the Republic of Korea was set up for the preparation of the establishment of the FHH. The principal outcome of the Seoul meeting was to proceed with a planning and preparatory meeting in Beijing in March 2002.

The Operational Document is approved by the first meeting of the Standing Committee of the Western Pacific Regional Forum for the Harmonization of Herbal Medicine(FHH) on 9 March 2002 in Beijing, China. It is serviced as a basic document to guidance works of the Western Pacific Regional Forum for the Harmonization of Herbal Medicine. Any change on the Operational Document of FHH needs to be approved by the Stand Committee of FHH.

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